Julia Chacón Flamenco Theatre (formerly, Inspiración Flamenca) presents American-based and international, professional flamenco artists delivering a dynamic show featuring the intricate footwork, virtuosic guitar, powerful vocals, and beautiful costumes emblematic of traditional flamenco.

The company was founded in 2008 in Santa Fe, New Mexico by dancer/choreographer Julia Chacón. A touring dancer with Carlota Santana’s Flamenco Vivo and former soloist with Maria Benitez’ Teatro Flamenco, Julia had been developing original works with artist friends in Santa Fe. Intense rehearsals led to performances in tablaos, restaurants, and theaters, which led to workshops in schools and studios. The troupe gained momentum and received bookings in Georgia and Mexico, growing as Julia continued to tour with other flamenco companies.

In 2012, Julia suffered a miscarriage. Her marriage ricocheted and declined, her spirit weakened, and she stopped touring. Emotionally defeated, Julia went to Seville to immerse herself in flamenco. She became a member of José Galván’s Cuadro, performing in tablaos throughout Seville as a soloist, partnering José, and performing corps repertory. She found inspiration and resilience in a deeply personal pursuit of art, recalibrating her strengths and renewing her energy.

Upon returning, Julia divorced and relocated to Arizona. She rebuilt her company in the Phoenix Valley desert, drawing on local talent, re-staging choreography and creating fresh work for a new audience and new life. In, 2014, she volunteered on an advisory committee for Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. There, she advocated for opportunity for local artists, and grew her network of artists, administrators, and patrons. She worked with local companies on collaborative works, broadening the reach of flamenco in Arizona.

Since 2014, the company has completed 7 full-house concerts in Peoria, Scottsdale, and Tempe; received an Artist Residency at the MIM (a Smithsonian Affiliate); collaborated with Peoria Center for the Arts, Scorpius Dance Theater, Indo-American Arts Connect, the Celebration of Fine Art, Movement Source and the Scottsdale School of Ballet, among others; and is going into their second season at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

Julia was named a finalist for the 2019 Governor’s Arts Award and her company is the first locally-based company to be included in Scottsdale’s season programing in over a decade; selling out concerts and establishing themselves as a premiere performing arts organization in the Phoenix Valley.

Artists who have performed with Flamenco Theatre include José Mendez, Javier Heredia, Myriam Vaquero, Chuscales, Kristofer Hill, Jesus Munoz, Lydia Torea, Joaquin Gaellgos, Meagan Chandler and current company members.

“Flamenco has inspired me to travel, to reach far beyond my comfort zone, and to sweat, cry, and connect with the world in a way I could not otherwise imagine. It has inspired me from the beginning to reach further, to love deeper, to express more fully, and it continues to be an inexhaustible resource in my life. It is my hope that our performances spark inspiration in others, as flamenco has inspired me.”

(updated August, 2019)

Through flamenco we transcend boundaries and connect. The mission of Julia Chacon Flamenco Theatre is to share this connection; to celebrate the community nature of flamenco and to promote cultural understanding through this rich and complex art.