Arizona based flamenco company offering performances, classes and choreography in the Phoenix Valley.

Arizona Flamenco, Inspiración Flamenca

Inspired Flamenco Performances and Classes

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Inspiración Flamenca was founded in 2008 by Julia Chacón. The company mission is to present quality flamenco performances, classes, and arts-education programs that inspire, educate and bridge cultures. We believe live performance by skilled artists has the power to build connection, to inspire, and to foster curiosity and understanding.

Flamenco is a Spanish art form influenced by the diverse cultures that impacted southern Spain, including Gypsy, Spanish, Moorish, Catholic and Judaic cultures. This unique mix of seemingly disparate cultures enables flamenco to resonate across cultural boundaries.

Flamenco Community

Good flamenco comes from relationships built on trust, respect and confidence. The most successful collaborations come from respectful interaction and open communication between artists on stage and off. Communication and growth is inherent in flamenco; you must listen, be present, be flexible and constantly be improving. Our community of artists, students and audience members create this positive circle.

Inspiración Flamenca is the only flamenco repertory company in Arizona. 

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