I’m excited to be creating a new website for Inspiración Flamenca. I was inspired to do this by all the work of the amazing artists who contributed to my most recent show at Scottsdale Center for the Arts on August 26, 2016.

Everyone was amazing; every dancer – whether in 6 pieces or one – were professional and kind no matter how exhausted they became at rehearsals; the musicians on whose backs the show is built; the photographers who captured so many amazing moments; the friends and family who aided with last minute costume changes; and the behind-the-scenes crew who added all the bells and whistles.

Large scale shows require a community that stretches throughout a city or country. The theater administration and management through the artists and staff down to every audience member – each person has a role in creating a great performance. Each person brings a unique energy to the space, and no night or show is unique. That is the glory of performing.

So, thank you, everyone who was a part of it. I am grateful for your time and dedication to flamenco in Arizona.

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